VoIP System Monitoring Test

Customer setup

1) You load a 1000hz sound file into your IVR menu as a hidden choice such as option 9.
2) Advise us of the number to call and the option to press.

Our test is as follows…

1) We call your system periodically and when we connect…

2) We press 9

3) We listen for the audio tone. If we hear it, the test has EXPECTED RESULTS because both

  • Your system answered (SIP Connect 200 or Q.931 CONNECT)
  • We have two-way audio as your system understood the “9” we pressed and we heard the 1000hz tone that you played.

4) We send you a report.

  • EXPECTED RESULTS generate a normal email or the word “NORMAL” in the subject line
  • UNEXPECTED RESULTS generate an urgent email or the word “URGENT” in the subject line

Test Options

We can increment the outbound ANI (Caller ID to you) of the calls if more than 1 call such as

  • Call 1 has ANI 804-555-0001
  • Call 1 has ANI 804-555-0002
  • Call 3 has ANI 804-555-0003

You can view this Caller ID data in your call reports such as a fax server with a bad fax port.