System Monitoring for $1/day

  • Test setup is a one-time $500 for up to 10 numbers.
  • Test calls are to a (NAPA) North American Numbering Plan TN = .0035 per minute for tier 1 rate center destinations.
  • A single (monitoring) test call to your 1004hz tone answering DID bills 12 seconds or $.0007.
  • One call per minute 24/7 = $ .0007 /call * 60 calls/hour * 24 hours = $ 1.008/day. We would bill $30/mo. $30/mo is also the minimum monthly billing.

Cost Savings for monitoring multiple numbers.

  • Define a 4 hour no test time from say midnight to 6am. The cost would be $ .0007 /call * 60 calls/hour * 18 hours = 75 cents/day.
  • Further set monitor to every 3 minutes per number. The the cost per number drops to 25 cents per day.
  • Finally, we can discount usage for 10 or more
    • ON NET numbers such as calls that traverse all Level3 (Lumen/Centurylink)
    • 800 or 804 area code numbers.

Hammer Testing Costs

  • $500 one-time cost and calls bill at the same rate as above.
  • Loading your system with 250 calls for 5 minutes would cost 250 * 5 * .0035 = $4.38.
  • This is an attended test by one of our techs on a conference call with your team.

Hammer Testing Call Modulation

  • Quantity: We can generate as many as 500 calls at the same time and for as many calls as desired without prior reservation.
  • Spacing: We can space calls from 10ms to 1 second apart and stay connected (ramp up)
  • Modulation: We can call in chunks of say 50 calls, then 50 more for 100 concurrent calls, then 50 more for 150 concurrent calls.
  • Ramp: You may want us to ramp 1 call per second while your team listens on separate calls. A failure in 90 seconds when be a failure at 90 simultaneous calls.
  • Hang-up: Upon connect, after a set time, after a tone detection.
  • Hammer Usage Costs: a test involving 10,000 calls would incur 10,000 calls * .0007/call = $7.00 in addition to the $500 test setup charge.

Custom Testing

Talk to us.

Maintenance Windows

You may want to eliminate calls in thr 12am to 6am time range as the call path may be subject to the telecom industry standard 12 midnight to 6am network maintenance windows.

During these times, carrier maintenance may make test calls fail.  Sometimes, carrier maintenance is actually the issue we find with monitoring. We choose to first detect it then maybe adjust the tests to not fail the test. For instance, we may monitor you on two separate 800 numbers taking two separate paths into your PBX. Maintenance would cause the test to fail to VoIP trunk A and thus you are alerted but from the call reports sent, you see your PBX answered the test call to VoIP trunk B. From this you could point the finger at the carrier and not your PBX. The carrier says their is nothing they can do. So, you adjust both 800 numbers to round robin terminate calls between to VoIP trunks A, then B. Now your system is more fault tolerant.

Next Steps

We will try our best to answer lingering questions via email. We ask that your email domain is from a client company in business for at least 2 years. We will not answer questions to a generic email address such as

We will consult at $185/hr paid to Make a Payment – VoIP Phone Systems & IP Networks (

Our consulting will not be proprietary to our systems and thus educationally useful for the other testing services out there. In other words, if you have a serious monitor or load test need, a one hour consult with our engineers will be a great education.