Consulting fees

We get many unique and thought provoking requests for telecom test calling scenarios each month.

If you need to test that a telecom device, PBX or service speaks or records, plays or hears DTMF, answers or hangs up, we can help. We are the experts you seek.

We charge $50 for an initial 20 minute consult. Click here to hire us.

Monitoring test costs

  • We require a 6 month minimum engagement.
  • We charge a flat $100/mo base cost + the cost of the phone calls.
  • PSTN calls cost .01/min with 6 second billing with a 12 second minimum per call or $ .002/call.
  • A basic call completion “CONNECT” verify would bill .002/call. A “RECORD 10” would bill about .10 + .02 = .12 per call.
  • VOIP calls that bypass the PSTN are free. Just pay for our time.

Example test cost

  • Customer wants 10 numbers called every minute during an 8 hour business open span.
  • 10 calls/minute x 60 minutes/hour x 8 hrs/day x $.002 /call = $9.60/day usage charges or about $9.60 x 30.5 day/month = $292.80/month is usage charges.
  • Total monthly fee = $100 + $292.80 = $392.80/mo.

Call sources

PSTN calls originate from

  • Washington DC or NYC on Level3
  • Denver Colorado on a variety of carriers
  • Richmond, VA on Comcast, Level3, Verizon or Windstream.

VoIP to VoIP calls are generated from Richmond, VA from your choice of Internet provider, Comcast, Level3, or Verizon.


Test call hammer testing can take down voice systems. We require proof of ownership of a telephone number before sending test calls to you. Acceptable proof is

  • Provide your phone bill with the number listed.
  • We can call you on the number to test.
  • You make a voice script that answers on the target telephone number with these words, “Hello Infotel Systems, this is my test number, please hammer me with calls!”

The System Up Test

This is our most popular monitoring test. We will demo this test for a day for well qualified end-users.