VoIP Test Call Stress Testing

Test Call Hammer

Do you wish to make test calls to a phone system? We can stress test call your VoIP or PSTN systems (with your written approval!) to the point of failure.

We can provide a variety of hammer test call scenarios

  • 500 test calls in 10 seconds to test how your session border controller may handle a huge influx of calls.
  • Slow ramp to large call volume.
  • Burst calling.
  • Sustained loading and then detailed audio analysis of added traffic.

We operate a hosted VoIP data center provide and provide our own hosted VoIP services, We understand your business!

VoIP Test Call Monitoring

Test Call Monitor

Do you wish to monitor your phone system for uptime? We program our system to send hourly test calls to your voice telecom systems.

We then process the test results against preset values. Click here for details

If Expected =Actual Test Results, a Normal priority email is sent or if desired, no email is sent. (Don’t bug me unless we have a problem)

If Expected <> Actual Test Results, An urgent email with test results is sent to you.

VoIP Repair

VoIP & PSTN Repair

We make recommendations based on our data and will recursively adjust stress and monitor until your problem is fixed.

Our specialties are

  • Adtran products
  • Linux and Asterisk
  • Faxing issues. T.38
  • VoIP SIP Tracing
  • Cable Internet Issues

We fix telecom issues every day as we also operate a data center and provide hosted VoIP services.

We have no problem helping another VoIP provider as our market focus for VoIP is in the 804 area code.