Call the 804-222-1111 Test Phone Number

This number uses ANI, not Caller ID. You may not be able to block your number using standard PSTN block codes such as *67.

This well known test number has processed over 50 million calls in 25 years! Here are the features of the system behind this test phone number.

Caller ID Playback

Upon  answer the system speaks back your 7 digit Caller ID number.
Area code left out for speed of playback and to help remember the number. This info is logged and matched with keys pressed data for custom consulting applications.

Touch Tone Echo

At any time during the call, press a touch-tone digit to have the digit spoken back to you.
The digits have a tight audio trim for speed. Have you ever called a voicemail system or bank by phone system and not been able to make menu selections? This test helps confirm the source of common “after connect” DTMF dialing issues on VOIP telephone systems and services.

CO Line Toner

Press the * or # key three times in a row to receive an alternating or solid tone. Tone duration is up to 60 seconds. Press any key to stop.
If you have ever lost a toner or wanted to trace an analog line, this feature is very useful

Voice Echo 0 key

Press the 0 key three times in a row and hear a record beep. Say something and then stop talking or press # to hear your voice spoken back to you.
Useful for testing VoIP quality in both directions and VoIP delay.