804-222-1111 Call Test Phone Number

Automated calls to 804-222-111 cost

Calling up to once a minute for up to 10 seconds per call 24/7 will cost $25/mo paid in advance for a minimum period of 4 months.

Excessive calling from one location will be terminated and considered spamming unless you have paid and also arranged for us to remove our spam filters for the CPN. Calls to 804-222-111 from an invalid CPN are not recommended for automated (hammer) system testing as the your carrier will grade this call as spam and may not stir/shaken attest the call properly. In other words, your adding a failure point and invalidating the VoIP PBX quality control test you are trying to achieve.

Free services humans can perform

804-222-1111 is a free VoIP call test number FOR HUMANS operated by www.infotelsystems.com. We have been producing PBX monitoring systems and software since 1988. This well known test number has processed over 100 million calls in 30 years! Here are the features of the system behind this test phone number.

Caller ID Number Playback Test

Upon  answer the system speaks back your 10 digit Caller ID number. You are then presented this menu with options 1, 2 or 3.

Press 1 for 1000hz tone

Tone duration is up to 60 seconds.
If you have ever lost a toner or wanted to trace an analog line, this feature is very useful

Press 2 for a Touch Tone Test

  • You hear a beep.
  • Enter your digits such as 1234567890 and press #
  • The touch tones tones are spoken back to you.

Have you ever called a voicemail system or bank by phone system and not been able to make menu selections? This test helps confirm the source of common “after connect” DTMF dialing issues on VOIP telephone systems and services.

Press 3 for Voice Echo Test

Listen for instructions.  The system will echo back in real time what you said.

Useful for a reality check on one-way audio or excessive audio delay.