Test Call Report

Besides the actual test, you receive a test call report of the calls made. Below is a typical report.



Recorded audio as a wav

The PCAP of the call


Most fields are obvious. We will explain the others

CID : The caller ID we sent you. It’s always 804-222-1111 and the caller ID name should say TESTCALL.COM. This helps you find the calls in your SMDR.

Disc Code : The SIP disconnection code. We are locking for a 200 code to know the call terminated normally.

Disc Status : Verbal form of 200.

Who Hung Up : Should be caller. We typical hang on for as long as your audio  file plays and let you hang up.

MOS : This is the MOS value through our PSTN switch to you.

RTP Packets-Rec : How many audio packets we collected on the test. This should match you end if you are performing a “wireshark”

RTP Packets- Lost : Should be zero. This is a test QC measure.

Non silent % : A simple way to prove we heard your audio file.  You could record a target file and edit half of the audio to zero. The value would then be 50%.

Audio File Name : It does not really say “on file”. This field has a value we use to find the file for you.

PCAP : Likewise, we can return the entire SIP trace to you. Understand this is a trace from us to our PSTN switch used to call you via PSTN. It would be the same as any caller would experience. In some cases, you may want a direct IP call to you bypassing the PSTN.  Talks to us about that as it’s more complex.