Custom Testing

The $99 test is a scheduled test we setup in advance to run unattended at a time of your choosing. You may instead wish for proctored testing where we are on a conference call to perform test in real time as you adjust your equipment.  Test, collaborate, adjust, test again. If this is your need, we can be hired as follows.

  • Hourly for
    • $175/hr between 8am – 5pm M-F Richmond, Virginia time.
    • $250/hr outside these hours
    • $350/hr if between midnight and 6am
  • We will also charge .009/minute for US based test call minutes. The block of time will be purchased in advance and you may not use the entire block. If 2000 minutes where left after the test, that would be $18.00. Not a large amount.
  • We won’t charge for follow up emails sent to us for 14 days after the test.